Vanywhere to Give Earning Opportunity to Skilled Individuals

Vanywhere to Give Earning Opportunity to Skilled Individuals

             Vanywhere, as you can see on its official website here, is the first and only Live Advice and Skill Sharing platform. Powered by, some of you may wonder what this platform has to offer. A thought of freelancing website comes to mind. If that is your first guess, then you are not so far off. However, there are a lot of things that set it apart from its competitors.
Being operated on smart technology is one of the first things that make Vanywhere far more superior. To understand what is in it for different types of users, let’s first discuss the very core of its concept. Vanywhere is a company that consists of pools of people with different sets of skills. Referred to as “skillers,” you do not have to be professional to get the title.
If you are good at what you are doing, you may join as a skiller in Vanywhere. This platform gives people with skills an opportunity to earn money through its features; live, and offline. If you are sharing your skill using its live chat feature, you will be able to earn per minute fee. However, if you work offline, you will earn a stipulated fee.

There are a few different types of skillers in Vanywhere. Depending on the nature of your skill and focus, the categories you fall under may different from others. The categories and detailed information on what they entail can be seen in the following:

Professional Skillers

This category is intended for professionals in their respective industry. Professions such as accountant, computer programming, cosmetology are among the few that can be considered as Professional Skillers. A good rule of thumb is if a profession requires a specific type of training, then it must be categorized as professional skill.
If you’re someone whose profession requires a necessary and specific type of training for it to be properly carried out, this is your place. Skillers who are listed under this category typically have already offered their services on other freelancing applications.
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 Influencer Skillers

This category is intended for those with huge number of social media following. Vanywhere makes it a point to make those with 10,000 to 100,000 followings a priority. The reasoning is because those people typically have yet to achieve the typical threshold where they may earn anything from sponsorship endorsement.
Do you own such a huge following under 100,000 mark? If you are skilled in a particular field where you can offer advice in, you definitely fall under this category. As an Influencer Skiller, you will be able to interact with your own followers while monetizing Vanywhere service.

Everyday Skillers

So what do you do when you don’t have a large social media following? And worse, you also do not havee specific training to be considered a Professional. Don’t be disheartened! If you’re an ordinary individual with skills ranging from basic to extraordinary, Vanywhere has just the right category for you! With so many categories to choose from, you’ll be able to find the right opportunity to earn money.
Token ICO will take place in 2018, follow to get an update.

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