Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services: The Future Is Now

         With so many blockchain services to choose from, only https://tbis.io that actually manages to stand out from the rest. Yes, Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services that is referred to as TBIS for short, offers something that its competitors cannot. Named after the strongest and the most lightweight lustrous metal, the blockchain infrastructure service is every bit the definition.
Some of you may question about what TBIS has to offer. But before we dig deeper, let’s take a look at the latest trend. Go ahead and pay attention to your surrounding, and you will see Uber, AirBnB, Facebook, and Alibaba. These names are four of the biggest key players in the industry nowadays. It would be difficult for you to find someone who has never heard of four of these companies.
The question is, do you notice the similarity between four of these brands? Perhaps only a few of you can actually pinpoint what they actually have in common. Let's start with Facebook, as the world’s largest media network it doesn’t create contents. Uber, as the world’s biggest transportation service company, doesn’t own a single car of its own.

        AirBnB is the most popular hospitality company, and yes you guessed it. Despite its availability in all parts of the world, the company doesn’t actually have its own hotels. Last but not least is Alibaba, this incredibly massive retailer doesn’t actually carry stock. All of these are a clear indication that we are now living in an extremely different world. That is exactly what TBIS tries to do with internet infrastructure.
Like the aforementioned examples, TBIS adopts similar concept that combines coorporate coordination with entrepreneurialism. With this collaboration concept, TBIS brings the blockchain’s decentralized power right to cloud infrastructure. It provides individuals with the ability to run their very own data centers from the comfort of their own home.
What if you are already running data centers from a corporate facility? It does not matter because TBIS offers security that is associated with blockchain-powered platform. The purpose behind this is to completely revolutionize cloud computing the way Uber did to transportation, and AirBnB to hospitality. This unique level of collaboration and partnership is what TBIS strive to do in network construction era.

         TBIS’ virtualized Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and proprietary Company as a Service (CaaS) are the first of its kind. They can be run from every device and from every single level – including enterprise level. From specialized equipment to routers and firewalls, everything can completely exist in its cloud-based environment. This unique environments is based of their incredible decentralized Ethereum blockchain.
With its one-of-a-kind monitoring technology system and modern enterprise management, TBIS offers robust internet infrastructure. Have you ever wanted to set up a network infrastructure just by using your tablet? Automatically detect weaknesses and limit potential issues? You can do so with TBIS. This incredible infrastructure service is what makes TBIS different from its kind.
If you are interested in being a part of this revolutionary future, go get yourself ready for its Initial Coin Offering. TBIS’ Titanium token will be sold limited to 35-million BAR starting January 1st, 2018.
Head over to its official website, and check here for more information https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2542292.0

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