Graphene.Power to Offer Innovative Fast-Charging Batteries

Graphene.Power to Offer Innovative Fast-Charging Batteries

            Not a lot of people are aware of the power of Graphene, but a quick read on and they will be in awe. Graphene may be known as the thinnest material that can be found on earth. But despite its incredibly thin size, Graphene is surprisingly also the strongest material. Yes, it may be just as thick as an atom. But when it comes to strength, you will be surprised to find out that it’s 150-times stronger than steel of comparable size.As comparison of its weight, 1-square meter of Graphene is more flexible than rubber of the same size. 
More impressively, it is 1,000-times lighter than a piece of paper of the same size. In terms of functionality, Graphene is 200-times more efficient than the widely used silicone. 
With so many strength points like this, you would perhaps wonder why Graphene has yet to be massively used
But perhaps one of the best facts about Graphene is the fact that the material is the fourth element to be abundantly available.
Can you even imagine that?
With such elements widely available in the world, it would be a waste if we let it go to waste. For exactly the same reason, Graphene.Power aims to transform this element into one of the most functional item for us to use.

Graphene has long been used as a component in battery construction and supercapacitors. Batteries made out of this particular material has been proven to be more durable and lightweight. But those are not the only factors that make Graphene batteries a popular choice. One of the best things about it is the fact that it has the ability to fully charge a smartphone in under 5-minutes.
Not only that, Graphene batteries also boast longer lifespan than its competitors.
Making it one of the most affordable and environmentally friendly energy sources. But is the use of Graphene limited to being a battery component? It seems like it would be a waste for it to serve only one purpose, wouldn’t it? As it turns out, battery component and supercapacitors are not its only specialty.
What is incredibly amazing about Graphene is the fact that it can be fully utilized and applied for many other things. The electronic industry, aerospace industry, automotive industry, and energy and power industry are among a few to have utilized Graphene. Not only that, the healthcare industry has since also found the use of Graphene for its industry.

With so many benefits to offer, the addition of Graphene never fails to enhance the entire technology. From smartphone and fast-charging battery, to wearables and computing chips. Located in Yecla, Spain, Graphene.Power focuses on fast-charging battery and supercapacitors.
With its lightweight and incredibly thin batteries, Graphene.Power has the ability to fully charge a tablet in just 10-seconds. As comparison, Li-Ion Battery typically takes 60-minutes.
Not only that, Graphene.Power also has the ability to charge electric car for 1,000 km drive in just 30-minutes. As comparison Li-Ion batteries take 10-hours for 800 km drive.  
With its impeccable innovation, there is no doubt that Graphene.Power will have more chance to succeed. 
To understand about what it has to offer, read the whitepaper here

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