E-Chat to Offer Two-In-One Massaging and Crypto Wallet App

E-Chat to Offer Two-In-One Massaging and Crypto Wallet App

e-chat two-in one massaging and crypto wallet app

         As the new generation multitasking messenger, https://echat.io brings up a new twist to messaging concept.
Controlled centralization has always been the norm in the messaging service industry. However, as e-Chat notes, this does not comes without an issue.
The primary challenge that plagues messaging service of this day and age stems from that very issue to begin with.
The controlled centralization system itself gives so much power to key players in the industry.
Not only that, such power is extended to government institutions as well.
Companies, of which the messaging service belongs to, undoubtedly have total control of its users data.
While these companies claim that they are respectful of their users privacy, the truth is as questionable as it gets.
One of the most common practice these companies do is to sell the data of their users to commercial organizations.
They do so for their own profit. Other than commercial organizations, government institutions are next in line to gain access from your data.
Despite this common knowledge, companies are still trying to maintain the idea that they don’t share data of their users.
Their questionable practice, coupled with their closed nature about the practice makes it difficult for users to predict.
Yes, users have absolutely no way of knowing which decision companies will make regarding the data.
There seems to be no feasible option for users to keep their communication as far away possible from regulated control.

         For this reason, a Hong Kong startup company takes it upon themselves to come up with a solution. Everyone of us needs a messenger as a means of communication.
But does this mean we have to justify controlled centralization and unsolicited data sharing? Not necessarily.
With the latest technology promoting decentralized system, we may breathe a sign of relief.
Unlike the average messaging service, e-Chat is built on a unique data distribution system that is completely independent. 
That way users will be able to freely communicate with each other.
All without having to worry about their data being sold or shared without permission.
Another thing that makes e-Chat a great alternative is the fact that its system will still work even when its servers are closed.
It’s stable, and it provides users with privacy.
A clear indication that no particular institution can force its power to gain access to your data.
All thanks to the fact that it’s created using three powerful technologies namely blockchain, p2p, and IPFS. This powerful combination allows e-Chat to be completely independent from governments with zero regards for privacy.
As a messaging application, e-Chat undoubtedly sets a new standard.
It does not raise the bar when it comes to the privacy aspect of it, it also raises the bar when it comes to functionality.
Unlike other messaging application, e-Chat can be used as a means of communication and money transfer service. 
        Who would have thought that this massaging application is also an incredible multi currency crypto-wallet?
Are you interested in becoming a part of this incredible innovation? Its Initial Coin Offering will start in four days, so head over to https://ico.echat.io to get your 25-percent investment bonus.

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